2018 Donruss Football Hobby Box

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24 packs per box. 10 cards per pack.

- Find 1 autograph and 1 memorabilia card per box, plus 24 Rookies, 24 Rated Rookies, 8 Parallels and 40 Inserts per box on average.
- Rated Rookies returns and features the top players from the 2018 NFL Draft! Players include Saquon Barkley, Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and many more.
- Look for 40 inserts per box, on average. New for 2018 - 1998 Tribute, 1988 Tribute, MVP, Champ is Here, Snow Days, Walter Payton Man of the Year, and Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Life.
- Pull Rookie Phenom Jersey Autographs (max #’d /99) which parallels to Prime (max #’d /25), and Laundry Tag (#’d 1/1).
- Find rare case hit Downtown! inserts, which feature a unique illustrated design to capture the city each player represents.
- Hunt for the always-popular Fans of the Game insert, which features some of the biggest names in Hollywood and sports. This years list of names includes but is not limited to, snowboarding superstar Chloe Kim, actor Chris Evans, and actor James Caan.

- 1 Autograph
- 1 Memorabilia
- 24 Rookies
- 24 Rated Rookies
- 8 Parallels
- 40 Inserts